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2016 Competitors

Eric Beurton (FRA)

After climbing Kilimanjaro (Tanzania); completing an Ironman triathlon (Embrun-France); running ultra-marathons (Comrades and Two Ocean Marathon-South Africa); and riding a mountain bike in Africa (Cairo to Cape Town), Oceania (Sumatra to Sydney), South America (Cartagena to Ushuaia), Central America (San Jose to Belize city); and visiting 112 countries, Eric wishes to celebrate his 50th marathon in Antarctica by running the Antarctic Ice Marathon!

Frank Byrum (USA)

Frank, along with fellow competitors Trish Priest and Sue Parker, formed “Team 7ish Continents” with a goal of running a marathon on all 7 continents starting with Athens on the 2,500th anniversary of the original run at the Battle of Marathon. Although Frank does see himself as much of a runner, he loves the excuse of running marathons in order to see the world! Antarctica will be continent Number 6, and next year he'll be back in South America for Number 7, and then it will be time to tackle half-marathons across all the capitals of Europe.

Clive Choate (AUS)

Clive Choate, 65, from Mandurah, Western Australia, enjoys endurance challenges and meeting people from all over the world. Coming from a rugby, horse riding and canoeing background, he has completed the Uluru, Paris, Mt Kilimanjaro, Chicago, Tokyo and Patagonian marathons. He has also enjoyed mountain bike events in outback Australia. Completion of the Antarctic Ice Marathon will see him join The 7 Continents Marathon Club.

Frank Cummings (USA)

The half marathon in Antarctica will be Frank's 27th and last half-marathon and he is intent on enjoying every step! He is raising funds for missionary trips to East Africa, where he travels quite often. Frank enjoys exercise and making gourmet meals, especially pasta and chocolate chip cookies, as stress relievers.

Christoph Dankert (GER)

Christoph is planning on running seven trail marathons on seven continents in 2016 with the completion of the Antarctic Ice Marathon. Prior races include the New York City Marathon, the Conquer the Wall Marathon in China, and the Ultra Trail Torres del Paine in Chile. When he is not running, Christoph likes to hike and to cook.

Stan De Groot (NED)

Stan is a Dutchie who has been living in Australia for 16 years. Stan’s running career started less than a year ago and will be finishing on the finish line of the Antarctic Ice Marathon. Stan support crewed for his now wife at the Volcano Marathon last year and was so overwhelmed with the emotions of the runners crossing the line that he wanted to experience a marathon once in his life. If you are going to run one marathon it should be the most spectacular is and it might as well be your honeymoon!

Mark De Keyser (BEL)

A marathoner and Antarctic enthusiast who works as a weather forecaster at Union Glacier for the 'summer' seasons from November - January. Marc has won two Antarctic Ice marathon titles and two Antarctic 100k titles. Following on his success in winning the 2007 Antarctic Ice Marathon, he subsequently finished second in both the 2009 and 2010 marathon events before winning the Antarctic Ice Marathon title again in 2014. Marc also won the 2008 Antarctic 100k, finished runner-up in the 100km race in 2011, and then reclaimed the 100k title in 2012. He ran his first marathon in 1993, the Marathon of the Golden Spurs, in native Belgium, and has since run dozens more. Marc has also spent two summer seasons in Rothera, the Research Base of the British Antarctic Survey on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Pieter de Wet (RSA)

Pieter is a business man living in George, South Africa. He took up endurance sports 5 years ago and has participated in various marathons, cycle races, triathlons & Ironman events. The Antarctic Ice Marathon has always been a bucket list item and can now finally be ticked.

Duc Do (AUS)

Duc is a recreational runner who started running in 2014. Each year he tries to complete a running goal and this year Duc is hoping to run marathons on all 7 continents. The Antarctic Ice Marathon will be his sixth, with the final leg in Viña del Mar, Chile, the following week.

Janie Elrick (NZL)

Janie is a relative newcomer to marathons having completed two previously: Berlin 2015 and Tokyo 2016. She says she is going through a typical mid-life crisis and her aim in starting running is to join The 7 Continents Marathon Club (if the body can hold out). Janie claims she is not very fit and not very fast, in fact very, very slow...and combined with some slow healing injuries, the Antarctic Ice Marathon will be a challenge, but one she is immensely looking forward to.

Duncan Erasmus (NZL)

Duncan is currently tackling The 7 Continents Marathon Club challenge, running in a variety of locations from North Korea to Death Valley. Antarctica will be his sixth continent, with South America being his last shortly after. Duncan got the adventure marathon bug after running a half marathon under the midnight sun in Iceland. He feels quite at home tearing through muddy forests with his trail running group BBCM.

Fabian Fabro (AUS)

Fabian is climbing the highest mountain on each continent, the '7 Summits', and running a marathon on each continent to join 'The 7 Continents Marathon Club'. He will climb Vinson, the highest mountain in Antarctica, after running the Ice Marathon.

Diego Fernandez (ARG)

Diego ran the Buenos Aires Marathon in 2012 and the London Marathon in 2014. He ultimately hopes to join the 7 Continents Marathon Club, but is taking it one step at a time. Diego is really exited to run the Antarctic Ice Marathon and is certain it will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Javier Castro Guinea (ESP)

Javier is a high school Spanish teacher from Spain currently working in Jakarta (Indonesia). The Antarctic Ice Marathon will be his 11th marathon on his 7th continent, thereby enabling him to join The 7 Continents Club. He is raising funds for two NGOs in Indonesia via the Ice Marathon: Kupu-Kupu Foundation and Harapan Project. You can learn more about these NGO's and donate though Javier's Website: ¡Muchas gracias! Apart from running, Javier loves travelling and hiking. He has completed ¨El Camino¨, an 800 km. pilgrimage on foot in Northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela, and his next hiking adventure will be to complete ¨The Ebro route¨, a trail in Spain that follows the 1.280 km. of the Ebro River in Spain. He is looking forward to hearing the personal stories of fellow runners in Antarctica. ¡Vamos! (=let´s go!)

Mary Grealish (IRL)

Mary has represented Ireland in basketball and despite declaring herself a ‘reluctant runner’, she completed the Paris Marathon in 2011 and a half-marathon at the North Pole in 2014. She has been preparing for the Antarctic Ice marathon ever since …. not!

Paul Grealish (IRL)

Paul has run five North Pole Marathons in 2004, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and twice ran the Antarctic Ice Marathon in 2010 and 2015 as well asrunning the Volcano Marathon in 2013. He also ran a 'normal' marathon in Paris in 2010.

Stuart Horsewood (GBR)

Stuart has completed 120 marathon distances, including the 90km Comrades Marathon in South Africa six times.Now aged 68 years old, Stuart's first three races ever were the annual John F. Kennedy Memorial Run in England - a distance of 50 miles - when he was aged of 16, 17 and 18, respectively. He has also completed the Round the Islands trail race over 65km around Hong Kong Island on three occasions. Stuart is also the only person to have competed in all ten Standard Chartered Bank worldwide marathons held in Hong Kong, Taipei (Taiwan), Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Bangkok (Thailand), Mumbai (India), Dubai (UAE), Nairobi (Kenya), Jersey (Channel Islands), Stanley (Falklands), the latter of which he is the current Race Director). Stuart will be hoping to join The 7 Continents Marathon Club by completing the Antarctic Ice Marathon.

Mohan Iyer (USA)

Mohan has run a marathon in all 50 states, on 6 continents and in 21 countries and the Antarctic Ice Marathon will qualify him to join The 7 Continents Marathon Club. He has run at least one marathon every month since October 2010 when he ran his first marathon in Chicago. Although Mohan's job as the CIO for a Financial Services firm in Chicago does not let him train as hard as he would like to, he has been lucky enough to remain injury-free and keep the streak going. By the time he runs the Antarctic Ice Marathon in November 2016, he will have run a total of 83 Marathons (and a total of 125 races). His personal website - - has a listing of all the races Mohan has completed.

Bev Jacobson (GBR)

Bev began her running career thirty years ago when she completed the Comrades Ultra Marathon. She has since run another dozen marathons, including London, Paris, Prague, New York and the Great Wall of China. Following back surgery 10 years ago, she switched to cycling, doing triathlons and running shorter distances. However, since Bev turns 50 on the 18th November she thought it was time to take on a big challenge. Her eldest daughter has extensive brain damage following meningitis at birth and Bev is trying to raise £50k in sponsorship from this event as a way of thanking the charity which has supported her. She hopes it will enable it to purchase a house for other individuals with learning disabilities. You can read Bev's story at .

Bill Karz (USA)

The Antarctic Ice Marathon will be Bill's seventh continent! He started the journey three years ago after hearing a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge speak at a fundraiser for homelessness. Judge Mitchell founded a running club at the Midnight Mission in Skid Row, and Bill couldn't help but join the Judge and those men and women weekly for the past three years. They travelled to Ghana and Italy together, and inspired Bill to continue the journey: He has since run the Los Angeles Marathon, the Shanghai Marathon, the Rio de Janeiro Marathon, and the Great Barrier Reef Marathon.

J Graham Keggi (USA)

Graham hopes to run marathons on all seven continents, a challenge that combines his passions for travel, outdoor adventure and running. The Antarctic Ice Marathon will only be the second continent on his journey after running four marathons in North America. Marathons are a newer race distance for Graham, shifting gear towards longer distances after focusing primarily on 8-10K cross country or 3-5K track distances. He has run two marathons this year in San Francisco and Portland to prepare for Antarctica.

Geoffrey Kehr (GBR)

Married with two grown up sons, Geoffrey now has more time to pursue his hobby to travel and run in faraway places. He has an insatiable wanderlust; always curious to experience new cultures and explore new locations. Geoffrey has been fortunate that his employment as an aviation professional has afforded him the opportunity to work and live overseas for most of his working career. His ideal weekend treat is to combine his passion for running & travel and participate in half-marathon events somewhere exciting. Geoffrey is hitting the top spots on his bucket list this year: North Korea, Pyongyang followed by the ultimate; Antarctica.

Jeremy Koch (USA)

Jeremy is a 38-year old who started running to get in better shape and stay in good health. He also enjoys travelling, hiking, and rock climbing, but has stuck with running because he enjoys the challenge and is always looking for new adventures. Jeremy has completed four marathons and several half marathons to date and will be running the Antarctic Ice Marathon with his wife Laurie.

Laurie Koch (USA)

Laurie is a 36-year-old consulting actuary who first started running at age 13 when she joined her middle school cross country team. She has completed one marathon and numerous half marathons. Laurie and her husband train together and will be running the Antarctic Ice Marathon together. They also enjoy traveling the world and seeing the beauty of nature through running and hiking.

Jesper Floyd Kristiansen (DEN)

Jesper is a 51-year-old Export Director of a cancer diagnostic company and founder of, a running association that supports seriously ill children in Poland. The Association has been directly supporting the Children Hospice, Gdynia, Poland, and Jesper will using his participation in the Antarctic Ice Marathon to raise funds for this hospice. The Antarctic Ice Marathon will also be Jesper's sevent continent and both himself and fellow participant Signe Simonsen hope to raise a large amount of funds.

Mark Lister (GBR / HKG)

Mark, originally from Leeds, Great Britain has been living and working in Hong Kong for the past 22 years where he is a member of the Hong Kong Police Force. He hopes to join The 7 Continents Club next year and the Antarctic Ice Marathon will be his 5th continent. Mark enjoys running and travel and has completed numerous marathons, half-marathons and adventure races around the world where he tries to meet up and run with old friends and enjoy a beer or two afterwards. Whilst not the ideal climate to prepare for the Ice Marathon, Mark has been training hard with his colleagues in Hong Kong, where he is especially grateful to Tak, Market and Ki for their coaching skills!

Joanna Medras (POL)

The Antarctic Ice Marathon will be Joanna's fifth marathon, having made her marathon debut at the Berlin Marathon in 2014. She most recently crossed the finish line of the freezing Baikal Ice Marathon in March 2016. Although Joanna's plans for next year are to join The 7 Continents Marathon Club following the Volcano Marathon in South America, the 39-year-old's biggest dream is to become a member of the Marathon Grand Slam Club by also finishing the North Pole Marathon. She frankly admits that her passion for running came from a passion for the mountains. Among the peaks she has climbed are the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Mont Blanc du Tacul, Kilimanjaro and Elbrus. She is a mother of two adorable kids, 4 and 11 years old.

Carlos Millan (CHL)

Carlos has enjoyed running since his childhood and a few years ago discovered trail running. He likes the special connection with Nature that trail running offers and has run long distance events such as Tenerife, Fitz Roy, Monte Tarn, Cerro Castillo, ultratrail Torres del Paine and Ultra Fiord, all in Patagonia. Carlos also had the opportunity to take part in the Mont Blanc ultra trail this year. He is very exited at the prospect of taking part in the Antarctic Ice Marathon which will connect him with the most pure state of Nature.

Gavin Opperman (RSA)

Gavin is passionate about sport and pushing the limits and is an active runner, swimmer and cyclist. He has completed over 200 marathon and ultra marathons in more than 35 countries and finished the 6 Marathon Majors in one year. Gavin has also participated in Ironman events and a few big swims. He travelled to Antarctica in February 2015 and the Antarctic Ice Marathon will be a highlight as it's the seventh continent for Gavin and he will join The 7 Continents Marahon Club. He is looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing a common passion.

Anita Paddock (AUS)

Anita is formerly a Brit who has been in Australia for more than a decade and now even supports the Aussies in the cricket. She has run various marathons and trail events in Australia including the North Face 100km in Sydney’s Blue Mountains. Last year’s Volcano marathon was the highlight of her running career – breathtaking both in scenery and in altitude. Anita expects that her usual race technique of starting slowly, tailing off bit in the middle and finishing at a crawl will translate well to the Antarctic conditions. Unfortunately the 60 degree centigrade drop in temperature compared to training in the Australian summer may be more of problem!

Roxie Paine (USA)

Roxie regards running as a tool to fuel her real passion of experiencing everything the world has to offer with new friends she meets along the way. The Antarctic Ice Marathon will be the 34-year-old's 5th continent: Although she may not be fast, her tenacity always gets her across the finish line.

Susan Parker (USA)

Susan ran track in high school and then nothing until back-to-back to Honolulu Marathons in 2000 and 2001.She took another extended break until she began running with fellow Ice Marathoners Frank Byrum and Trish Priest (Team 7ish Continent). On completing the Antarctic Ice Marathon, Susan hopes to join The 7 Continents Marathon Club next year having already run the Athens Classic, Cape Town, Osaka, Auckland and Portland marathons.

Eleanor Pienaar (RSA)

Eleanor and Steve have completed marathons on 6 continents and it will be a dream come true to cross the finish line of the Antarctic Ice marathon and join the 7 Continents Marathon Club. The pair will also celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary just before they embark on their journey to Antarctica. They have both completed the Comrades Marathon (89km race from Durban to Pietermaritzburg): Steve on 10 occasions and Eleanor on 2 occasions. Eleanor and Steve love to travel and run and have combined the two hobbies into an international adventure across the globe.

Stephen Pienaar (RSA)

Steve and Eleanor have completed marathons on 6 continents and it will be a dream come true to cross the finish line of the Antarctic Ice marathon and join the 7 Continents Marathon Club. The pair will also celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary just before they embark on their journey to Antarctica. They have both completed the Comrades Marathon (89km race from Durban to Pietermaritzburg): Steve on 10 occasions and Eleanor on 2 occasions. Steve and Eleanor love to travel and run and have combined the two hobbies into an international adventure across the globe.

Rob Plijnaar (NED)

Rob is a 65-year- old hotel director. He is running since 1980 and completed marathons, ultra-marathons and triathlons all over the world, including the famous Marathon des Sables, the Atacama Crossing, the North Pole Marathon and the Mount Everest Marathon. With the Antarctic Ice Marathon, Rob hopes to complete the circuit of 8 marathons on 7 continents + North Pole (Grand Slam). Rob is running for Los Cachorros, a foundation committed to street children in Peru.

Trish Priest (USA)

Trish's first marathon was the Marathon-to-Athens on the 2500th Anniversary. She believes it a hard marathon experience to top, but that the Antarctic Ice Marathon will probably do it! She will also be in Antarctica for what would have been her father’s 100th birthday, Nov. 26th. Trish says she runs so that I can eat more good food and drink more good wine. The former Rocket Scientist who now works at a major software company as a Program Manager is running a marathon on her sixth continent, along with two friends, and has only South America remaining after the Antarctic Ice Marathon.

Scott Rickard (RSA)

Scotty is a physiotherapist from the beautiful town of George on the Southern Coast of South Africa. He has been a runner for 15 years and has completed a number of marathons and ultra marathons. Most notably Scotty has completed 2 Comrades Marathons and 10 Two Oceans Marathons (both in South Africa) as well as marathons in Ireland (Dublin), Wales (Snowdonia) and France (Marathon du Medoc). He feels incredibly blessed to even see Antartica never mind have the additional blessing of running a marathon on the continent........perhaps the first of many more exciting adventures.

Jeff Rosen (CAN)

Jeff is a 51 year old recreational runner. An international school educator who has worked in Canada, Mexico, Mali and China, he currently works in Peru. The Antarctic Ice Marathon will be his 46th Marathon and after having run New York, the Inca Trail, the Great Wall, Paris, Kenya, and Australia, he is looking forward to joining The 7 Continents Club before age and common sense catch up with him! His wife Marney and kids Andre and Daniel will be cheering him on from the warmth of Lima while he fully anticipates being out in the cold longer than almost anyone else in the race!

Eric Rieken (USA)

Eric Rieken is forever grateful to his family for their unwavering support. He enjoys "maracations" that provide experiences with new cultures and/or natural wonders. Antarctica will be his 36th marathon. His motto is "start slow, taper off".

Hideaki Sakata (JPN)

After running the six World Marathon Majors, Hideaki set a target of joining The 7 Continents Marathon Club, which he hopes to achieve at the 2016 Antarctic Ice Marathon. The 64-year-old is very excited about the event.

Chris Seymour (AUS/USA)

Chris started distance running in 2012 after his mother's brief and fatal bout with cancer in an effort to lead a healthier lifestyle. After completing 4 marathons and 4 half marathons over 2013-2014, Chris' young niece Cori Skolaski was diagnosed with the rare and fatal lysosomal disease Metachromatic Leukodystrophy(MLD). Since Cori lives in the USA and Chris lives in Australia and cannot be there to help the family on a regular basis, he decided to take his new love of distance running and work to raise awareness for MLD and fundraise for the MLD Foundation that helps families affected by this terminal disease. Chris embarked on his Run Over MLD challenge to run 7 marathons on 7 continents and the North Pole in February 2015 and has completed 5 continents so far to raise awareness and support for MLD. The Volcano Marathon will be the 6th continent on November 12th and will be immediately followed up by the 2016 Antarctic Ice Marathon and then the 2016 North Pole Marathon. You can follow Chris' challenge at ,  and  

Jingbiao Shan (CHN)

Jingbiao is a 33 year old entrepreneur from Anhui, China. He is passionate about running, with the Polar Circle Marathon and Marathon du Mont-Blanc being the highlights of his running experiences to date. Jingbiao is now looking forward to getting the Antarctic Ice Marathon and Everest Marathon medals under his belt and becoming a six star finisher of the World Marathon Majors in 2017.

Signe Simonsen (DEN)

The Antarctic Ice Marathon is the last of the Seven Continents for 35-year-old Signe. She has run six adventure marathons so far: the Big Five in South Africa (2012), the 1st Bagan Temple Marathon in Myanmar (2013), the Swiss Alpine Marathon in Switzerland (2014), the Polar Circle Marathon in Greenland (2014), the 6 Inch Trail Marathon in Australia (2014) and the Inca Trail Marathon in Peru (2015).

Xian Song (CHN)

Xian will join the 7 Continents Marathon Club after completing the Antarctic Ice Marathon. He has run the Kilimanjaro Marathon (Africa), New York Marathon (North America), Argentina Marathon (South America), Berlin Marathon (Europe), Beijing Marathon (Aisa) and Gold Coast Marathon (Australia)

Gilbert Summa (FRA)

Gilbert started running marathon when he was 50 years old, having never run more than a half marathon before. His first marathon was the Medoc Marathonand he hopes to achieve membership of The 7 Continents Marathon Club next year. he has run the Marathon de Paris, Nagano Marathon, Marathon de Tanger, North Pole Marathon, Auckland Marathon and Québec Marathon. Gilbert is a member of Kiwanis International and is fundraising for "UNICEF – ELIMLINATE", a not-for-profit charity that provides help and health to underprivileged children all around the world ( The goal of the ELIMINATE Project is to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus from earth ( As a professional, Gilbert manages companies in the IT world.

Michael Edward Taylor (GBR)

Michael has run five marathons to date but this will be his most extreme. Among his previous events, he ran the Spitsbergen Marathon on the island of Spitsbergen, the most northerly inhabited place on Earth. Michael has also completed an Ironman in Nice, running in +35C, a little different to Union Glacier, and ran his first ultra marathon - 60 miles - in the Peak District this summer. The 29-year-old runs for the Hunters Bog Trotters in Edinburgh, a beer drinking and running club, and hopes to do them proud.

Gary Thornton (IRL)

Gary is a top marathon runner with a PB of 2:17 hrs from last year, which was inside the qualifying standard for the Rio Olympics. He has won the Irish 10,000m track championships on two occasions in addition to winning many Irish titles at underage level as well as Irish and British universities championships. He has represented Ireland on many occasions, including at track, hill running, x-country and road running. Gary won the 2013 North Pole Marathon and the 2014 Volcano Marathon, which are the sister races of the Antarctic Ice Marathon.

Wenjin Wang (CHN)

Wenjin is a 59 year old business executive living in Shenzhen, China. He started running in 2011 and became the first Chinese to finish all Six World Marathon Majors in 2014. Wenjin believes running is not only a great way to relieve stress but also can make you a better person. He enjoys the mental clarity and focus while running and hopes to have a wonderful time running in Antarctica.

Yixin Wang (CHN)

Yixin is a beginner marathon runner, having run her first marathon last year. She has now run four marathons, comprising Istanbul, Tokyo, Stockholm and Shanghai. Yixin is a novel and script writer, who runs to help find the meaning in life. She says that sounds a little unrealistic, but it's true.

Heinrich Westenraad (AUS)

Heinrich started running marathons in 2012 after a challenge from a friend of his, Shane Young: Shane is also competing in this year’s Antarctic Ice Marathon. Since 2012 wthey have participated in five marathons and Heinrich's ultimate goal is to complete 7 marathons on 7 continents. He resides on the Gold Coast and apart from running he loves stand up paddle boarding.

Wojciech Wiwatowski (POL)

Wojciech is married to Joanna, and is father to 4-year old Maria. His passion is mountains and climbing. He is a triple conqueror of McKinley and Aconcagua; he has climbed Mount Blanc some twenty times; and is he an author of many climbing routes in various corners of the world. Professionally, Wojciech runs a company,, which provides work services at height, including the use of advanced rope access techniques, performing extreme construction works, and rescuing workers at huge construction sites such as power plants and shipyards. He runs because mountains are sometimes too far to travel to., and his running dream is to run through his life smiling,. In March 2016, Wojciech successfully crossed the finish line of the freezing Baikal Ice Marathon.

Shane Young (AUS)

Shane has completed many events from Europe to the USA and in between. He loves to get his family and business network motivated to join him by registering for local area runs as well – not only will he run a half marathon or marathon, but he will also make his way back to meet his 3 daughters at the 5km start line to make it a family affair! Recent runs include Copenhagen, Sydney, Gold Coast, Run Melbourne, McLaren Vale Half and Run for the Kids Melbourne. His latest registration is the Comrades Ultra Marathon 'UP' run in June 2017.

Fan Zhang (CHN)

Fan has run 30 marathons in the past few years including Marathon du Mont-Blanc in France and in Greenland. She is hoping to become one of few Chinese women to complete the Antarctic Ice Marathon. When not running, Fan enjoys hiking and dancing. She is the founder of an all-female running club in Chengdu, China, and the proud mother of two adorable kids.




Angela Chong (SIN)

Dave Dudek (USA)

William Gargiullo (SUI)

Griff Griffiths (USA)

Andrew Kraus (USA)

John Kraus (USA)

Millan Ludena (ECU)

Markus Schramm (GER)