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2013 Competitors

Katrina Arber (USA)

Katrina is travelling to Antarctica with her partner Tom Wilhelm. An experienced open water swimmer, she will take part in the marathon event. The couple met at a swim / run relay in California which raised over $1 million for charity. Tom ran 228 miles solo on the occasion. See semper-fi-fund.

Michael Baer (SUI)

Michael is Chairman and Founder of Baer Capital Partners, an alternative asset manager with an India focus. He has over 20 years of international experience in investment banking, trading, and private banking. Michael started running only three years ago and quickly decided to take on the challenge of marathon length events. The Dubai marathon was the first, followed by Zurich, Berlin and Mumbai. He subsequently decided to run on every continent, a challenge he is undertaking with his fellow YPOers (Young Presidents Organization). This adventure has so far taken him to Auckland, London, Tokyo, Kenya and now to the Antarctic. It will be followed by Los Angeles, Rio and New York next year. Other than running, Michael is an ardent skier and enjoys touring in the mountains of Austria during the winter months.

David Baras (USA)

David is 57-year-old medical doctor who has completed 26 marathons to date. A middle of the pack runner he has "learned to enjoy the scenery more with each new marathon". In addition to his private practice as a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, David teaches 2nd year med students at the University of South Florida Morsani School of Medicine. He has played in a few bands (accordion/piano and singing) for the past number of years.

Malek Boukerchi (FRA)

Malek is an experienced ultramarathon runner and will run both the marathon and 100km in Antarctica. He ran his first marathon in Paris in 1999 and has subsequently taken part in gruelling ultramarathon events such as the Trans 333km in the Rajasthan Desert, la diagonals des Focus and La Transgaule (1,150km). See

Yvonne Elizabeth Chee (SIN)

Yvonne is running her 13th marathon in Antarctica and more significantly, her 7th continent. It will make her the third and youngest Singaporean to join the Seven Continents Marathon Club. Crossing the finishing line of the Antarctic Ice Marathon on 20 November 2013 would be the realization of a dream she set out to achieve in 2008 and a tribute to her late grandmother who was a strong woman and helped to raise Yvonne. Through running and pushing her limits, Yvonne is also striving to increase awareness of the needs of the elderly and raise funds for the elderly who are assisted by the Tsao Foundation in Singapore. This is driven by her strong belief that we have a lot to learn from our elderly and that older people deserve to have a good quality of life. More information on Yvonne's bid as well as her fund-raising for the elderly can be found on

Zafer Civelek (TRK)

Zafer is in the process of running 7 marathons on 7 continents with fellow members of the Young Presidents Organisation

Mark Collins (USA)

Mark has participated in nearly twenty marathons since 2009 and the Antarctic Ice Marathon will mark his fulfilment to join the 7 Continents Marathon Club. Included among those marathons were Athens (Greece), Mt. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Pacasmayo (Peru), Singapore, and New South Wales Australia. To combine running with travel and adventure, such as climbing Kilimanjaro and hiking along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, makes for great memories and Mark is looking forward to more adventure-type events and attempting ultramarathons.

Angel Garcia-Cordero (ESP)

Angel is running “Seven Marathons on Seven Continents” with fellow members of Young Presidents Organisation (YPO).

Aydin Demirchi (AZB)

Aydin is hoping to join the 7 Continents Marathon Club next year. His is joined in the Antarctic by his son Gafar, both running their sixth continent.

Gafar Demirchi (AZB)

Gafar is hoping to join the 7 Continents Marathon Club next year. His is joined in the Antarctic by his father Aydin, both running their sixth continent.

Beibei Fan (CHN)

Beibei is running the half marathon in Antarctica. The continent has always been a dream destination for her and she is looking forward having a chance to feel what it might have been like for the explorers in the past.

Tomio Fujii (JPN)

Tomio is running the half marathon event in Antarctica.

Felicity Goddard (GBR)

Felicity is running her 3rd marathon, on her 3rd continent in Antarctica. She prefers off road / trail running, and can usually be found either running on the West Country Moors or the coastal paths around Devon and Cornwall. Felicity is using this marathon to raise money for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) - Title=antarctic-ice-marathon.

Takanori Hamaguchi (JPN)

Takanori operates a business in Japan and has run many events including the Marathon des Sables 2012, Ironman Western Australia 2010, the Honolulu Triathlon 2009 and the Honolulu Marathon 2004-2009. Takanori will compete in both the marathon and an experimental winter triathlon.

Zhu Han (CHN)

Zhu is a Beijing-born Chinese national living in the USA who has completed marathons in 6 other continents and North Pole. The 39-year-old received a B.S. degree in electronic engineering from Tsinghua University in 1997, and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2003. Zhu is currently Associate Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Houston, Texas, USA

Alexandra Hanson (USA)

Alexandra is a world traveller, adventurer, and runner who will be competing in the Ice Marathon. It will be her fourth marathon -- she ran the Athens Classic in Greece in 2009, the Marine Corps in Washington, D.C. in 2011, and the Cape Cod in Massachusetts in 2012. Although she still has a few races to run before she can join the Seven Continents Marathon Club, this trip will check off her bucket list goal of visiting all seven continents before she turns 30.

Mårten Hellman (FIN)

Mårten is a 39-year-young accountant full of Finnish “sisu”, aiming to fin(n)ish a marathon on every continent. He began running marathons in New York 8 years ago, and now only the white continent remains. He has also completed the Intercontinental Istanbul Eurasia marathon from Asia to Europe. Marathons around the world enable him to keep training hard, to meet more great people, to visit interesting places, and to increase his collection of nearly 4,000 different key rings. Mårten prefers big and extraordinary marathons. The high altitude Swiss Alpine marathon and the Big Five Marathon in South Africa have been his most amazing and toughest runs so far. Although ice and snow is very familiar - he also enjoys cross-country skiing - his 22nd marathon will most certainly be the ultimate race for him.

Jon Howard (GBR)

Jon will be running his second marathon in Antarctica, the first being the 2012 Big Sur International Marathon in California. A relative novice to long distance running, he intends to join the Seven Continents Marathon Club within the next 5 years. He is proud to be raising awareness and funds for the Anthony Nolan blood cancer charity: marathon-2013

Jun Ishida (JPN)

Jun is the General Director of the Behavioral Science Management Institute and has published up to 35 books on business management and education. He started his life as a runner in 2009, finishing a full-length marathon in Hokkaido, Japan. Among his accomplishments, he has completed an Ironman race on Rota Island and a 100km marathon race in Hokkaido. He also completed the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert in April 2012. He will take part in the marathon and winter triathlon in Antarctica. You can click here to get more information about Jun's books:  

Lauren Jones (AUS)

Lauren is a 29-year-old sports teacher from Perth, Western Australia competing in the 42km Antarctic Ice Marathon. She is part of the charity group Telethon Adventurers, who are raising money to combat childhood cancer. Lauren has competed in 15 ironman triathlons, five of these being the World Championships in Hawaii. She haas also completed five marathons in her native city of Perth.

Pieter Joubert (RSA)

Pieter is part of the Telethon Adventurers team, raising money to fight childhood cancer.

Retief Joubert (RSA)

Retief grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and is currently living in Perth, Australia since January 2008. He has run a few Ironman 70.3 triathlons and short adventure races. However, the Antarctic Ice Marathon will be Retief's first marathon. Always up for a challenge, he could not let my brother, Pieter Joubert, do the event without him. Retief is part of a group of six from Perth running for charity, The Telethon Adventurers. The Adventurers raise funds to help find the cause of, and ultimately a cure for childhood cancer.

Kazuhiro Kobari (JPN)

Kazuhiro does not regard Running, Biking and Skiing as races, but a means of travelling where he wants to go. He likes to travel on his own feet at his own pace, and has completed the following events in the past few years: 2013/Sep 100km Yatsugatake Ultra Trail Running; 2013/Jun 100km Shimanami- Kaido Ultra Marathon; 2013/Mar 72km Challenge Fuji Five Lakes Marathon; 2013/Feb 100km Izu-Oshima Ultra Running; 2012/Apr 250km Sultan Marathon Des Sables; 2012/Feb 42.195km Okinawa Marathon; 2012/Jan 42.195km Kita Marathon ; 2011/Sep 100km Kyo-Tango Ultra Marathon; 2010/Dec 42.195km Honolulu Marathon; 2009/Dec 42.195km Honolulu Marathon; 2009/Sep 160km Honolulu Century Ride. Kazuhiro will run both the marathon and winter triathlon in Antarctica.

Maciej Kurzajewski (POL)

Maciej is a journalist and presenter of Sport Editorial for Polish TV (TVP). He hopes to complete 7 marathons on 7 continents in 2013 with the Antarctic Ice Marathon being his final leg. Maciej started his adventure with running nearly 10 years ago. In 2003, after only 6 months of training, he covered the ancient marathon distance from Marathon to Athens. Later he took part in the Warsaw Marathon, New York Marathon and Paris Marathon, among other. In 2013, the year of his 40th birthday, he aspired to complete 7 marathons on 7 continents. He started this challenge in April in London (3:49:46). In June he took part in The Big Five Marathon in RPA (4:39:46) and in July in Rio de Janeiro (4:09:31). Next was the Hokkaido Marathon in Sapporo (4:39:30) and the Sydney Marathon in September (3:59:22). Maciej’s Marathon Project is a part of social action “Biegajmy Razem” (Let’s Run Together) realised by PKO Bank Polski (the biggest bank in Poland). The aim of this action is to encourage Poles to run. More details on

Sergio Luiz Lopes (BRA)

Sergio was born on the island of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. An amateur triathlete, he has participated in various events with his biggest one being the Ironman Brazil 2012. His favourite running distance is the half marathon, but he hopes to be the first athlete from his state to complete the Antarctic Ice Marathon. Sergio is dedicating his participation to all the men and women of his state and especially his sons Guilherme (17) and Gabriel (11).

Masao Maki (JPN)

Masao describes himself as a" 61-years-old lazy recreational runner" who lives in Boulder Colorado. He has run the Tokyo marathon 3 times in a row. A Sushi chef, he is the author of 15 non fiction books.

Audrey McIntosh (GBR / SCO)

Audrey is running both the marathon & 100k. In preparation, she has run several ultras in Scotland in the past year, including the 53 mile Highland Fling on the West Highland Way. Audrey is raising funds for Alzheimer Scotland, see and marathon- 142416n.22681161.

Alistair McLaren (AUS)

Alistair is part of the Telethon Adventurers team, raising money to fight childhood cancer.

Michael Meehan (USA)

Profile to be added.

Shinichi Narita (JPN)

Shinichi has completed multiple half marathons, six full marathons, 60k, 72k marathons and the Marathon des Sables (230km). He has an orthodontic office in Tokyo. Shinichi will take part in both the Antarctic Ice Marathon and the Antarctic Triathlon.

Fiona Oakes (GBR)

Fiona won the 2013 UVU North Pole Marathon and holds a marathon PB of 2:38 hrs. She has had top 25 places in both the London and Berlin Marathons as well as top 10 finishes in Amsterdam, Moscow, Florence and Nottingham. She also has several marathon victories to her name, four of them in course records. Fiona uses running as the opportunity to raise funds for an animal sanctuary she owns and has almost single- handedly operated in Essex for the past 16 years. Her sanctuary cares for over 400 previously neglected and /or abused animals, many having been rescued from the food chain.

Yoshifumi Oshima (JPN)

Yoshifumi is a 29-year-old Japanese cyclist who has traveled around the world, from -30 to 50 deg, from mid summer in Australia's deserts to mid winter in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Cycling to the South Pole is his final goal and he is using the Antarctic Ice Marathon trip to test ride his bike in Antarctica. He hopes to cycle 100km per day.

Daniel Palko (SVK)

Daniel is formal top downhill skier. He is and now an experienced Ironman athlete with numerous finishes and a personal best of 9:24. He intends to take part in both the marathon and 100k.

Jan Hendrik Panitz (GER)

Jan has been a triathlete for many years, mainly on the Olympic and Short distance, so predominantly running distances between 10km-15km. The Antarctic Ice Marathon will be his first full Marathon and certainly his biggest sporting adventure so far.

Matthew Popham (AUS)

Matthew is originally from Bristol in the UK, but moved to Perth in 2005 where he is a tax partner at KPMG. Matthew is responsible for the Telethon Adventurers participation in the Ice Marathon, raising funds to combat childhood cancer. He has been predominantly a rugby player and still plays now despite turning 40. Although he ran the London Marathon in 1998 as a 'one off' marathon, vowing to never run one again, he got back into running after moving to Perth. His main aims for the event main are to enjoy the run and make sure his friend Gareth Spencer gets to the end. Matthew is married with three kids - twin boys aged 13 and a 6 year old girl.

Andrew Richardson (GBR)

Andy is a sports presenter and correspondent working for Al Jazeera English. He has a wide range of experience as a sports reporter, and has previously worked with Independent Television News (ITN), Sky News, ITV and Five News. He is a regular presenter on the Al Jazeera English Sportsworld programme and has reported on sporting events from across the globe. Andy will participate in the Antarctic Ice Marathon as part of a documentary for Al Jazeera English.

Jurgen Schuster (GER)

Jurgen is 49-year old area-manager from Bavaria, Germany who is hoping to accomplish a long-strived for goal of running a marathon on all 7 continents. Since running his first marathon in his home town Forchheim in 2002, with the goal of simply trying to finish, he has completed marathon on six continents. Among his favourite sports experiences to date were running marathons in New York, Tokyo and Sydney.

Jennifer Sicard (USA)

Profile to be added

Michael Sicard (USA)

Profile to be added

Jagjit Singh (GBR)

Jagjit has run over 100 official marathons and will now be adding a marathon in Antarctica to his list, qualifying him for the 7 Continents Marathon Club. See for more details.

Adjoa Smalls-Mantey (USA)

Adjoa is a recent graduate of the University of Oxford and currently a medical student at Columbia University (MD/PhD Program). She started running marathons to challenge herself and provide balance during her studies. She loves running and encourages others to join in on the fun, whether it's family members running shorter distances or teams of coworkers taking part in charity runs. This race completes her quest of running a marathon on all seven continents.

Gareth Spencer (AUS)

Gareth is 42 year Welshman who emigrated to Perth, Australia in late 2006. His friend, Matthew Popham, persuaded him to run the Antarctic Ice Marathon for a local charity called the Telethon Adventurers. Along with four "real athletes" he hopes to raise $100,000 to help fight the war against childhood cancer. Gareth has never run a marathon before but has been training hard over the past year, losing weight and getting fit for the challenge. He feels truly excited, anxious and honoured to be able to take part in such an extreme event that it turns heads every time he mentions it!

Martin Steer (GBR)

Martin hopes to run 7 marathons on 7 continents, along with his wife Sarah. The Antarctic will be the couple's fifth continent with only Australia and South America remaining.

Sarah Steer (GBR)

Sarah won the first ever marathon in Sierra Leone. Accompanied by her husband, she ultimately hopes to run 7 marathons on 7 continents. The Antarctic will be the couple's fifth continent with only Australia and South America remaining.

Shokei Suda (JPN)

Shokei has completed the Honolulu Triathlon 2008, Ironman West Australia 2010 and the Marathon des Sables 2012. He believes adversity and setbacks are a part of life and learning to overcome adversity makes us who we are. He welcomes new challenges - both in his personal life and professional life - and he could not resist the Antarctic Ice Marathon and Antarctic Triathlon.

Guilherme Costa Tacco (BRA)

Guilherme began racing shortly after adolescence, and after the death of his sister in a traffic accident in 1991 he has run to honour her. Among his events have been the International Marathon Blumenal SC - 1994, Marathon São Paulo - SP 2010, Half Marathon Rio de Janeiro 2012, Marathon Buenos Aires - Argentina 2012, and the Marathon Foz do Iguaçu - PR 2013. He will be thinking of his sister again in the Antarctic Ice Marathon.

Kazue Tajima (JPN)

Kazue is running her debut half marathon in Antarctica. It will represent a big event in her life. Kazue started to run two years ago and would like to challenge her my physical and spiritual strength on the white continent.

Alexander Tauchhammer (AUT)

Alex intends to join the 7 Continents Marathon Club and North Pole Marathon Grand Slam Club. Prior to this year, he ran marathons ranging from New York to Mount Everest. In 2013, however, he upped the adventure, completing the North Pole Marathon, the “Big 5 Marathon” in South Africa, the Inca Trail Marathon in Peru and now the Antarctic Ice Marathon in Antarctica. An enthusiastic scuba diver and ice hockey player, he works as an International Digital Media Specialist for the international food company Dr. Oetker, with responsibility for 39 countries. Alex has also summited Kilimanjaro.

Petr Vabrousek (CZE)

Petr is a professional triathlete who also holds a 2:31 marathon PB. See for more information and updates on him.

Charlotte Waller (GBR)

Charlotte (26) will be running the Ice Marathon with her father Patrick (55 going on 25) 10 days after which they’ll be running the Chile marathon to become the third ever father daughter pair to complete the seven continents. To date she’s completed 7 marathons around the world over 8 years and when she’s finished these last two she plans on taking up watching Jerry Springer and eating a lot of junk food…she may also burn her running shoes. She’s raising money for the World Wildlife Fund with her page live at and when she’s not running marathons she’s working on her online marketing business, SEO Gemini.

Patrick Waller (GBR)

Patrick is heading back to run the Ice Marathon for the second time at the ripe (rotting?) old age of 55 but this time with his 26 year old daughter Charlotte. A few days after the Antarctic Ice Marathon they head to Vina Del Mar in Chile to run the last leg of their father-daughter 7 marathons on 7 continents challenge. They have previously run marathons together in Berlin, Chicago, Sydney, Nagano (Japan) and Marrakech. Patrick isn't too sure but he thinks they may be one of only 3 or so father-daughter marathon teams in world to have run 7 on 7. Patrick completed the marathon North Pole Marathon Grand Slam in 2009.

Mikio Watanabe (JPN)

Mikio has run the Honolulu Marathon ten times (2004-2013), IRONMAN Western Australia 2010, the Saroma 100km ultra marathon 2011 and Marathon Des Sables 2012. He is the CEO of Vitamin i Factory, Ltd, which has the RIPSTIK, "ride a bike in 30min" bikes and other equipment that they hope will lead kids to exercise more. Mikio will compete in both the Antarctic Ice Marathon and the experimental Antarctic Triathlon.

Tom Wilhelm (USA)

Tom is travelling to Antarctica with his partner Tom Kat. An experienced open water swimmer, she will take part in the marathon event. The couple met at a swim / run relay in California which raised over $1 million for charity. Tom ran 228 miles solo on the occasion. See area-runners-and-swimmers-raise-over-1-million-for- semper-fi-fund. He will run both the marathon and 100k in Antarctica.

Colin Wright (AUS)

Although never having run more than 12 km previously, Colin heard a 2011 Ice Marathon competitor being interviewed on local radio and decided this could be the best way to achieve his lifelong dream of visiting The Frozen Continent. The next day he started training! That was January 2012 and after convincing himself he could go the distance by completing the 2012 Rottnest Marathon (a small island off the coast of Perth, Western Australia) in 3:51:44 he entered the Ice Marathon. It was 36C that day in Perth and he's hoping for slightly cooler conditions in Antarctica. Having been overwhelmed by the generosity of his friends last time round, Colin will be raising money for three local Perth charities: Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation; Breast Cancer Care WA; and The Scott Kirkbride Melanoma Research Centre.