The Antarctic Ice Marathon® , the world's southernmost marathon, is organized by Runbuk Inc.. In addition to organizing the world's most southerly marathon, Runbuk organizes the world's most northerly marathon, the North Pole Marathon®, and the World Marathon Challenge® (7 Marathons 7 Continents 7 DaysTM).


Based in Burlingame, California, Runbuk works with a network of associate specialists, including the world's foremost polar logistics experts, to deliver world class running events.

Runbuk's mission is to help athletes discover the world through exceptional running experiences. From deep inside the continent of Antarctica to the top of the world at the North Pole, or anywhere between, Runbuk can be found.

It is Runbuk's belief that everybody is an athlete, regardless of how fast they are, how long they can run, their age, size or whether they have a disability. Runbuk relishes the opportunity of enabling all athletes to take on new challenges and expand boundaries.


Numerous personnel work on projects for Runbuk Inc. including some of the world's top sports photographers, videographers and medics.

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