You will need to book your international flight to arrive in Santiago, the capital of Chile. There are regular internal flights from Santiago to Punta Arenas via the Lan Chile airline.

It is important to make sure there is flexibility with your return ticket / date in case of delays in Antarctica. You can either buy a flexible ticket or a ticket that you have the ability to change for a small fee. Some people book their return flight for several days after they are due back from Antarctica.

Punta Arenas is serviced by the Presidente Carlos Ibáñez International Airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto Internacional Presidente Carlos Ibáñez) (IATA: PUQ, ICAO:SCCI) You can visit the airport's website by clicking here.

This airport is serviced by two principal carriers, Lan Airlines and Sky Airlines. Simply click on their logos below and you will be directed to their respective websites.

Where will I stay in Punta Arenas?

The recommended hotels are currently the Diego de Almagro and Rey don Felipe (now called Almasur Punta Arenas). Competitors can also choose from a range of other hotels with prices from US$50 - US$300 per night depending on quality and services. Dreams Hotel is probably the highest end hotel in town. When booking a hotel, please keep in mind that your budget should cover the possibility of being stuck in Punta Arenas for several days before the jet actually takes off for Antarctica.
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