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General Clothing (for polar conditions)

The most important general outerwear items you will need are:

1. Wind Pants
2. Down Jacket
3. Insulated Boots

It is possible to rent a suitable wind pants, down jacket and insulated boots from the logistics company at the departure point in Punta Arenas, Chile. A clothing rental form will be provided to registered competitors prior to the event. Polar Running Adventures is already paying for a sleeping bag on your behalf.

Additional Minimum Required Items

1 x Thermal Base Layer (legs)
1 x Fleece Pants
1 x Thermal Base Layer (upper body)
1 x Longsleeve Wool or Fleece Shirt / Sweater
2 x Pairs of Wool Socks
1 x Litre Water Bottle with wide opening (Pee Bottle!)
1 x Pair of Polarized Sunglasses
1 x Sunscreen, minimum 30 SPF
1 x Lipscreen
1 x Litre Water Bottle for Drinking
1 x Large Duffle Bag
Personal Toiletries / Underwear
Personal Medication (enough for your trip + 4 weeks extra supply)
Spare Contact Lenses or Prescription Glasses

Optional Extras

1 x Camera / Batteries
1 x Daypack / backpack
1 x Notebook / Reading Material
1 x MP3 Player
Energy Drinks / Bars / Tablets normally used by you in marathons
US Dollars to rent satellite phone minutes in Antarctica, $40 for every 20mins

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