The Ice Marathon was one of the most memorable and enjoyable weeks of my life. Union Glacier is an enchanting backdrop for a race, and every aspect of the experience is 5-star. I met a tremendous group of runners, the camaraderie is wonderful. The race is a huge challenge and the most perfect way to combine sport and visiting such an incredible part of our world. Richard Donovan organises an outstanding event and this race should be on every runners "must-do" list."

Shirley Thompson (Ireland), Jungle Marathon organiser

The Antarctic Ice Marathon was the most exciting, uplifting, inspiring, emotional and tiring experience of my life. I was very proud and privileged to be in Antarctica, never mind being part of an international field of runners who were a great bunch, all with a story to tell. Life will never be the same again.

John Killingworth (Great Britain)

This event is an exceptional experience in every respect, from the flight to Union Glacier, the 4-night stay in tents and the race itself.  The entire expedition was impeccably organised. The race is also infinitely more spectacular than other events held on islands near Antarctica, yet it is achievable by anyone with determination who seeks a challenge. The Ice Marathon completed my 7th continent and eleven of us received the 7 Continents Marathon Club medal in 2012.

Gloria Liu (Singapore)

Anybody that enjoys combining running and visiting awesome places should put the Antarctic Ice Marathon on their list. Whether it is your first or last marathon you will not be disappointed with the whole experience. There were many 2012 Ice Marathon highlights that I will cherish; the Antarctic scenery and the race itself were breathtaking, the stories that come with the participants and the friends you make ensure there will be many unique and wonderful shared experiences with like minded runners that will understand why you did it; and there is little doubt that you will have running bragging rights that few others will be able to top. I plan to run the North Pole Marathon and then go back and enjoy the wonder of Antarctica again; nothing can top it

Mark Cooper (Australia)

Running a marathon with this purity of air, whiteness of snow and beauty of the glacier is something that every runner should experience once in their life. Thanks to the team for the perfect trip and unforgettable memories.

Michel Robitaille (Canada)

Words, pictures, video... nothing can truly do justice to how awe-inspiring the place is. I can't recommend this trip enough. The logistics are first rate and there is a great sense of camaraderie among the participants too

Howard Choi (USA)

Thank you for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The preflight preparation was thorough and focused on safety. The Union Glacier facilities are staffed by wonderful people and the food was great. The race course was more inspiring than I ever imagined and fellow runners made it a unique and memorable adventure.

Nick Lagen (USA)

I highly recommend this experience, everything was first class. From the hospitality of the staff at camp, the accommodation, the camaraderie of the runners and of course the excitement of being in Antarctica

Christopher Duff (USA)

Antarctica is remote and beautiful. The landscape and environment are to be respected. I could not have ordered a more perfect day for Race Day. The people were amazing. The organisers were phenomenal, logistics went without a hitch, and the competitors were great to be around. The food at the end of the earth was fantastic. Thank you, Richard for an amazing adventure."

Michael Parrot (Canada)

The Antarctic Ice Marathon trip was beautiful, poetic, romantic, inspiring beyond words. Worth anything in the world. I long to go back for more of it. Thanks so much

Mala Honnatti (India)

Doing an Antarctic marathon with my 16-year-old son was always going to be special. This one was made more so by the professionalism of the management and the wonderful staff. Fellow runners were generous with their support & encouragement, and all of this was enhanced by the competence & kindness of the race director.

Tom Cashen (New Zealand)

The Ice Marathon had the perfect ingredients; the planning, the people and the place. What a place! Thank you for creating such a unique and unparalleled opportunity. There can be no place on earth more exquisite or more forbidding than this frozen wilderness

Yvonne Brown (Great Britain)

The Antarctic Ice Marathon surpassed all of my expectations and that bar was set high. It's an experience that will provide you with many incredible memories. The organisers did a fantastic job with the race and the people you meet are a joy to be around. It is quite a surreal feeling running along the glacier with such stunning scenery. A great adventure for any running enthusiast!

Dave Kennedy (USA)

Words cannot truly describe the Antarctic Ice Marathon trip. Very few life experiences combine all the elements of authentic exploration and world class adventure in such a captivating location as Union Glacier. You will test your mettle with like minded people from all over the world on the planet's least forgiving continent. Like I joke with my running mates, 'What you don't spend on running, travel, and beer, you just waste

Brent Weigner (USA)

The Antarctic Ice Marathon is a truly life-changing event. Aside from the physical challenge you will endure, the magnificence of the environment you will encounter will leave a powerful lasting impression. I felt humbled and yet empowered by the experience and met some of the most inspirational and extreme characters on the planet. If you have the chance to do this, don't hesitate

Elizabeth Chapman (Great Britain)

The experience and excitement of running a marathon in Antarctica has surpassed all expectations with memories that will last a lifetime. I don’t know where else can you meet so many adventurous people from around the world that have experienced so much. The camp, food and living conditions were superior for the environment, and the entire staff were excellent.

Ray Miller (USA)

There are countless inspiring running races around the world, but if you’re looking for the daddy of them all, you need to head south to the Antarctic Ice Marathon. No other race can touch it for inaccessibility, extreme conditions and sheer icy magnificence. And as for its competitors, you won’t find a more varied, eccentric and vigorous bunch of runners anywhere else on the planet

Alison Hamlett (Great Britain), Runner's World Magazine

In 2010 I ran 52 international marathons in 52 weeks. I had a lifetime of adventures and memories, but nothing could have prepared me for the magic of Antarctica and the camaraderie I felt with the other participants. Of all the places I visited in 2010, the Antarctic experience and the Ice Marathon are the stories I tell the most. Just spectacular!

Tristan Miller (Australlia)

This trip is exceptional: Exceptional running, exceptional scenery, lots of laughs and good times. I also did the North Pole Marathon in 2008 and both trips just stay in your heart forever! I cannot think of a better gift to give oneself or someone else for that matter.

Cathrine Due (Denmark)

A remarkable event in a remarkable part of the world. It's well planned, skilfully executed, there's good food, warm lodgings and a swathe of the most interesting folk one is ever likely to meet in one place - what's not to like?

Gary van Vuuren (Great Britain)

This marathon is one of the most awe inspiring I have ever run and that's saying something. The beauty of this harsh landscape was made even more enjoyable knowing that we were in good hands. Everyone in charge was friendly and helpful. The course was well marked and well supplied with support (cheering included). All the difficulties of logistics were overcome by the organisers and it was very well planned. The best part of this run are the friends you can make for life

Sarah Oliphant (USA)

The Antarctic Ice Marathon was my favorite marathon by far. Although difficult, the experience was surreal and it couldn't have been organised by anyone better. Thank you very much

Travis Kiefer (USA)

Surreal scenery, creating the feeling I was on a different planet. Perfect organisation. Friendly & nice competitors, sharing amazing stories. Great food. Great photos. Great... everything! It was the most beautiful marathon I have attended so far and I plan to return to Antarctica some day, running together with my son... hopefully

Andrei Rosu (Romania)

Thank you for making possible a lifelong dream, and the greatest running experience I have ever had. The solitude of distance running combined with the beautiful isolation of the loneliest continent is something few of us have been lucky enough to enjoy. Sharing the event with an inspirational group of fellow runners was an added bonus. The environment was surreal, and the organisation of everything from the catering to the event itself was superb. I could not have enjoyed it more. It was a week of my life I will remember forever.

Brett Karlson (South Africa)

This is the most exciting marathon I have ever run and it is a polar adventure in itself. The camp and race are set in amazing Antarctic surroundings and the trip is very well organized despite its many natural obstacles.

René Gross Kærskov (Denmark)

On my journey to Punta Arenas I read a book about a different marathon in the Antarctic peninsula (not actually on the Antarctic continent) which had stories of runners trudging through sludge, scenery that wasn’t quite what they imagined, and a story of a time when they couldn’t land and had to run the marathon on a boat. I started to wonder what was in store for us in the Ice Marathon, but I could never have imagined the beauty and breathtaking nature of the experience we were about to embark upon. From the exhilaration of landing on a naturally formed blue ice runway in the awesome Ilyushin plane, the wind howling past the tents through the sunlit 'nights' to the silence as we ran across the endless glacier with the only sounds being your breath and the crunching noise of your feet breaking the snow; this was the most incredible experience of my life and topped off by meeting some of the most amazing and inspirational people you could ever hope to meet.

Greg Swan (Australia)

This is a fantastic event on about a hundred different levels. It is 26.2 miles in some of the most picturesque, awe-inspiring terrain you will ever encounter, and at the same time it is much, much more than that. An extraordinary event shared with amazing people in an extraordinary part of the world. Seize the moment if you have the opportunity to participate in this race --you will not be disappointed

John Welk (USA)

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